Mobile Spy Review

Mobile Spy is a cell phone tracking software package that can save your business. Don’t believe me? Just listen to my review of mobile spy.

The Features that Saved my Business

I am thankful every day for the product called Mobile Spy. It saved my business from disaster. The most prominent features that saved me were:

  • GPS tracking and travel route history
  • Recording of surroundings
  • Trigger word alerts
  • The control panel
  • Redirecting of SMS messages

There is much more to Mobile Spy but let me tell you about these features that I used the most to save my business.

The Background

I have a furniture business. It is kind of a specialty furniture business and I have a team of buyers who travel the world to find one-of-a-kind furnishings in foreign lands to import to America.

By the way, the teak wood furnishings of Thailand are exquisite and quite popular in my store. These furnishings are also quite expensive to import so, as you can understand, they are priced much higher than domestic brands.

I hired a couple of delivery drivers when I opened up for business. There is no way someone can operate a reputable furniture business without a delivery and setup service.

When I hired these two, I gave them each an Android cell phone because it was needed in order to do their job. However, I’m sort of a skeptical kind of guy and I don’t just blindly trust anyone. I knew that issuing a cell phone to them plus paying for the service leaves me wide open to all sorts of mischief.

But I had no idea it would leave me open to inventory loss.

Nonetheless, I installed Mobile Spy on both of their company-issued cell phones.

What Happened?

Just to give you the big picture, I’ll start with the end of the story first. These two were arrested and fired for theft. Basically, they furnished their homes with inventory from my warehouse.

I would have never discovered this without Mobile Spy. Well, maybe eventually I would have discovered it but only after taking a massive loss in unrecoverable inventory.

GPS and Travel Route History Raised My Suspicions

So to begin my story, these two on my delivery crew seemed like hard workers at first. All customer orders were delivered and I even received a few calls about how friendly the two were and how well they installed and set up the purchased furnishings.

Of course, they had their Android smartphones from the first week and I studied their travel history once they had completed several deliveries.

While studying their travel history it seemed like they were going out of their way to make deliveries. I checked their addresses with their employee files and it appeared as if they were occasionally traveling to their own homes.

At first, I thought they were just goofing off. Or, maybe they had to run by their homes and check on the wife and kids. Whatever it was, I didn’t think much of it at first.

I asked each individually on separate occasions as to why it took so long to make a delivery and they told me that they had to pick up something at home.

Never once did I allude to the presence of Mobile Spy running on each of their cell phones. The Mobile Spy app runs completely undetected on a target phone and I wanted to keep it that way.

The long delivery trips seemed to get more frequent. What were they up to? At today’s cost of gasoline, you certainly don’t want to see too many out of the way trips such as this.

Mobile Spy Blessed by an Expert

I also have a store detective on staff whose primary job is loss control by shoppers and credit card fraud matters. He is a retired detective from our local police department and works with store security staff to catch shoplifters and those with stolen store credit cards.

He knows all about the Mobile Spy setup that I have on the delivery drivers’ phones and loves the product. On occasion, he reminisces about all of hassle they had to go through to do surveillance on someone back in the days before they had mobile spy tracking software.

In the old days, he recollected how they had to put other detectives on stakeouts, install listening devices (bugs), use decoys with listening devices (very dangerous for the decoy), and all sorts of expensive electronic equipment. And every bit of information had to be carefully collected or else the evidence could get thrown out in court.

Such is not the case with Mobile Spy. It does everything that an expensive police surveillance setup can do and the person with the app running on his target phone is basically carrying the decoy around.

The Detective’s Advice

I expressed my concern to the store detective about the length of time that my two drivers were taking when out on a delivery run. I also showed him how they frequently stopped at their homes when making these long runs. He immediately raised a red flag that they may be heisting furniture here and there and taking it home.

It seemed far-fetched to me that anyone could think about getting away with stealing big items such as furniture and especially if working for the same company. His reply was that it was exactly what they were playing on—my disbelief that such a thing could happen.

The store detective was especially impressed with the trigger word capability of Mobile Spy. This is where you configure certain key words that when detected in an SMS, texting app, or e-mail message on the phone you get alerted via SMS or e-mail.

The Trigger Words were the Beginning of the End

He advised me to configure a set of words such as “house”, “wife”, “room”, “space”, “delivery”, and more. Off-hand I don’t remember all of the words I configured from the Mobile Spy control panel but it was an extensive list to alert me when they were planning another heist.

It worked. One day I received an alert from the Mobile Spy app because several of the trigger words were being used.

I immediately went to my Mobile Spy control panel and was able to look at the specific SMS messages they were swapping. One driver was asking the other if there was extra space in the truck for the delivery that day. He went on to say that there was this nice teak wood sofa imported from Thailand that his wife wanted.

Using the GPS tracking feature from Mobile Spy, I watched as they traveled to the house of the driver wanting the furniture. I activated Mobile Spy’s stealth camera feature on the phone of one of the drivers—the driver who liked to carry his phone in a holster. I also activated the record surroundings feature on both phones to listen in.

It all fell into place so perfectly using all of the technology provided by Mobile Spy. I heard and recorded them talking about how much the one driver’s wife is going to like this teak wood sofa from Thailand. I snapped some really incriminating photos of them not only moving the sofa into the house but kicking back and having a beer to celebrate their conquest.

Redirecting the SMS Messages

But their celebration was short-lived. I used the SMS redirection feature to first of all get them to turn on each other and then finally let them know it was me.

I sent a message where it sounded like one delivery driver was sending an SMS to his wife but mistakenly sent it to the other driver. The message read, “Yeah honey, I’m going to figure out how to pin this on my partner and we’ll be home free.”

Does this sound like something out of a detective show? Well, it really happened to me.

Then, after the two of them exchanged sharp words and threats at each other, I sent the kicker message, “It’s your boss. I know what you’ve been doing. Your phones have tracking software on them. You’re caught. Report back to the warehouse ASAP!”

I knew they exchanged sharp words because of the… You guessed it… the Mobile Spy feature to listen in on surrounding sounds.

The Hearing

Of course these two hired their lawyers and screamed that their right to privacy was violated, unlawful search, and so on. You know the defensive colloquialisms.

But, you can rest assured that if you as an employer buy the cell phone for your employee then you have every legal right to monitor for the purpose of protecting your assets. It’s your phone!

Their lawyers tried to get the cell phone records thrown out but the judge overruled it. These same lawyers were also unsuccessful in getting the jurors they wanted.

In the End

In the end, the two delivery drivers were given suspended sentences. It’s just as well. I got my furniture back and hired some new trustworthy drivers. But you can bet that the company cell phones they use have Mobile Spy installed.

Mobile Spy the Deterrent

Of course word gets around and my new delivery drivers know that their phones are being monitored. So, in this case Mobile Spy acts as a deterrent.

They could “forget” to take their company-issued cell phones on a delivery but wouldn’t be able to do that too often. You can be sure that I would remind them to take their phones.

If you are a business owner and trust your inventory and other assets with employees (who are strangers by the way), you need Mobile Spy running on their company-issued cell phones.

It saved my business and I have not had a problem like what I described since.